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GeoTomo USA
15995 N Barkers Landing, Ste 110
Houston, TX 77079
Tel:  281-597-1429
Fax: 281-597-1201  www.geotomo.com     

GeoTomo Hefei
Suite 601, Bldg. A3
800 Wangjiang West Rd
Hefei, Anhui, China

India Representative for GeoTomo:

Essem High Tech

196 A, Hsidc
Udyog Vihar
Gurgaon - 122 001
Haryana, India

  GeoTomo, LLC   News

11/02/16 GeoTomo presented seven papers at the recent annual SEG conference in Dallas. The papers can be found on our Publications section.

11/02/16 GeoTomo is pleased to announce we have added product training videos to our website Support section. Please click here to visit the videos main page or go to the "Support" menu on the left side and select the product name from the list.

10/10/16 GeoTomo will be at the 2016 SEG in Dallas, Texas. Come by booth 2245!

1/19/16 We are proud to announce the release of a TomoPlus Plug-in for Landmark¨s SeisSpace®. TomoPlus Plug-in enables TomoPlus and SeisSpace® Geophysical users to generate near-surface velocity models and statics solutions seamlessly across the two industry-leading geophysical technologies. Click here for more details.

12/30/15 We wish all our customers, partners, and friends a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



GeoTomo develops and offers high-end geophysical software products and provides advanced data processing services that help geophysicists around the world to image the near-surface and subsurface in areas with rough topography, complex near-surface, and complex subsurface.  These products include TomoPlus; near-surface imaging & statics solutions, GeoThrust; seismic data processing system, VECON; VSP and surface seismic modeling and survey design, MiVu™; micro seismic processing system.

  Featured Software  

Near-surface Imaging and Statics Solutions


Seismic Data Processing System


VSP & Surface Seismic Modeling & Survey Design

  Technology Update
  Joint Seismic and EM Inversion: To better constrain the near-surface velocity solutions, we developed a joint traveltime and waveform inversion approach that ensures fitting both traveltime and waveform data at the same time.More

Microseismic Processing System

Release Announcements

06/26/16 GeoTomo announces the release of VECON 4.2! Click here for more details.

01/13/16 GeoTomo announces the release of TomoPlus 5.8! Click here for more details.

05/11/15 GeoTomo is proud to announce the release of GeoThrust 3.2! Click here for more details.