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Release of TomoPlus Version 5.9  
Leading The Way In New Technology in Near-Surface Imaging and Statics Solutions  
Main TomoPlus Software Page


TomoPlus New Features and Fixes:

This release was made on March 16, 2017:


  1. Added new option (CMP Node Space) to display and pick first breaks on subsets of data from common spatial areas (lines or super-CMPs)
  2. Added ability to create offset limited Shot Stacks and Receiver Stacks for QC
  3. Added tool to automatically adjust picks based on waveform correlation between Shot and/or Receiver Stacks
  4. Added option to Export Segy of subset of shots displayed on SR Map (identified by using Pick Similarity etc. and specifying a threshold)
  5. Significantly improved speed of Saving picks to segy header
  6. For multi-segy projects, can now Save subsets of shots to segy
  7. Added ability to display an image file in SR Map
  8. New line traverse format (maintaining backwards compatibility)
  9. For multiple-segy projects, the naming of the output .gtt file will now follow the project


  1. Split tabs for more clarity in 3DIMAGING
  2. Added MTV regularization option to traveltime tomography
  3. Modified job Abort mechanism for traveltime tomography to allow for job-specific kill


  1. Load VECON raypath directly in 2DVIEWM to display on model
  2. Fixed overlay model color update problem
  3. Extract 2D model from 3D model by using mouse cursor on plan view of 3D model


  1. Added ability to display weathering thickness


  1. Synchronize master picks to make velocity picking more efficient
  2. Added more hotkeys to remove picked points, and move to next gather


  1. Added sequential submission for PBS job scheduler, for both single and multiple dependency